Crypto Loans

It’s fast, secure, and easy to borrow cash by using your crypto as collateral. Use the funds to reach a financial goal.

  • Same Day
  • No Interest

Getting a loan?

BlockwayFi allows clients to avoid selling their crypto to acquire USD by leveraging it against a loan. Furthermore, BlockwayFi loans can be an efficient approach to minimise your tax exposure while maximizing your potential long-term crypto investment gains. Customers can apply for a loan in under two minutes. We frequently get clients from application to finance in as little as 90 minutes.

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Why get a BlockwayFi Loan?

You receive your cash on the same business day.

Cryptocurrency moves quickly. We can fund you the same business day that your collateral is received. It's as simple as that.
Pay back with no interest.

You can pay off a portion or the entire sum of your BlockwayFi loan whenever you wish. There are no fines or fees for early payment.


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